Elias Kazais was born and raised on the island of Samos, located in Greece, where the great philosopher Epicurus and the famous mathematician Pythagoras got inspired by the beauty of their surroundings.

Coming from such a historic and energetic island, Elias expresses his emotions through his powerful pieces of musical landscapes in various genres.

A child of the 80’s he soon got in touch with electronic music by buying his first albums from the Chemical Brothers, Apollo 440, the Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and such artists by the age of 10.

Elias is a true connoisseur of the beat and started to play the drums at an early age on. This influence is still audible in his contemporary creations.

Elias has established himself in todays electronic music scene already as a great multi-genre producer on various labels such as Defected, Sunclock, Obenmusik, SP Recordings and many more.

He offers a broad spectrum of diverse sounds where his origins and past musical influences are sewn into a multitude of his musical arrangements and electronic journeys.

As foundation though one can clearly hear, Elias is a dedicated ‘groove rider’ and all of his tracks emphasise on deep and powerful underlying basslines and kick.

Furthermore he creates unique and stunning progressive ambiences that lay deep within his net of rhythm and grooves.


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