ConstaDine Marousopoulos-Pan

GREECE [Athens - Mykonos]

How can you describe a sound of universal and at the same time earthly music? A sound journey that contains elements from global civilizations who left their sign in pan-human culture and also the most modern explorations of the human soul.

After 25 years deepening through sounds and self-awareness musical experiences, he was attracted from places with distinct vibrations such as Mykonos, Athens, Boston, Oslo, Brussels, Istanbul, Rome, Kuala Lumpur,Cairo, Tulum, Cancun, Kashmir, Bombay, Ancient Pompey e.t.c.

Summing up Akashic emotions through spirit and secret sounds who leads him at his point of music trip at the world renowned Alemagou Mykonos as resident dj.

During this itinerary he encountered very special musicians and composers, music travelers and lovers with whom the interaction was mutual and spontaneous like Tale of Us, Mano Le tough, Jota Karloza,Estray,Dandara,Blondish,Birds of mind,Sasha,Kevin Yost,MAW, Digweed, Manu Chao, and all the distinguished Greek djs and producers.

This is what leaded him to the creation of his sound identity manifested by his project called ΠΑΝ inspired by the Greek origin of ‘wholeness’.Now he is realizing dj sets and music producing around the globe with the head in the clouds and the feet on the ground.

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